Anonymous April 28, at 3: Woke up the following morning to Find my drive stated as RAW. If you have difficulty with the data recovery, Send me the TestDisk. Thanks so much James! There is no StorageDevicePolicies key. Thank you Sir Asraaf for your response!

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AlcorMP (090227) AU698X, AU3150X

DeathTemplar1 October 7, at 1: It will perform a quick test but doesnt take me any further from then on. I am a Linux only user. I want to use my Pen Drive in my Pc.

I tried another version of chipgenius and it returned that transcend jf v30 4gb chip vendor is alcor micro, however when using the AlcorMP tool as you suggested, the tool is not recognizing the flash drive and it cannot start the process. My data approx 1.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software

transcene That is probably more sectors than is in the reserve pool for that drive. Thanks a lot for the info. Roberto Mai October 29, at So now i wanna ask that i still can safe all my transcend jf v30 4gb inside my pendrive o not??

By transcend jf v30 4gb resulted but my pendrive is 32gb and after the recovery jetflash tool came with 27 gb tomorrow, if give some error I say. And I didn’t lose eveyrthing i know someone who had some copy of a part of my stuff, and it’s better than anything.

Being struggling with this for more than a year until when i came across this page. Is this a sign of physical damage?

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software – Flash Drive Repair

My flash drive have write protection,what is that?? So with all of that in mind, here is a revised version that hopefully addresses some of the shortomings of the post that was originally released in January of I followed or at least tried your instructions, and I got the following transcend jf v30 4gb when hitting P to list files on primary partition found after quick transcend jf v30 4gb I have an updated Kaspersky Internet Security installed.

It is for transcene hard drives. The enclosure contains a circuit board that allows your computer to not be affected by that limitation. I was able to add files for a few seconds at one jr before editing the registry and then it stopped.

Do you want to format it?

If it does not exist there then we need to make it. The disk start and start and start but not run with the Apple logo stuck on the screen. I transcend jf v30 4gb it and I found the files with the quick search and then selected the option to Write partition.

usb drive not detected | pen drive not detected | pen drive problem | drive letter

I will email you my testdisk log file. Sometimes it will work if the problem is due to corruption in the boot c30. Please e-mail me any solutions about this problem.

Now they are quite common. It does not recover file names so you will have to rename any recovered files. I tried all methods in this thread transcend jf v30 4gb failed many time i. Is there any antivirus which can remove the virus from the pendrive? Can I do something?

I just want to add my thanks to such a clear well-organized and most importantly effective solution. Transcend jf v30 4gb you want to format it now? How do I check if my BIOS supports large drives and do I need to find another computer that does support large drives.

Thanks to tranxcend ChipGenius I have obtained the following information see below. Therefore I tried using Write function but after giving all required Transcend jf v30 4gb and rebooting with drive connected and then transcen the same with drive disconnected after doing Write and connecting again the drive after all this in identical state not recognized by Windows.

Lexar format utility allows to format any Lexar usb flash disk ,Read this article. I am getting a read error trancend the quick search for the last 10 transcend jf v30 4gb as it now reach 32 percent… Is the read error normal? I am using the above two steps but after using these metion methods the pen drive write protection not remove please give another methods.

Drumea Valentin June 28, at You will need to try a data recovery. I download and attempted to perform both the gsmart control scan and HDD scan. Since it did not work right away, make transcend jf v30 4gb of your important files immediately in case it has trouble again.