One other note was that the M2 had a clicky feel at impact. Honma built a iron set, standard length, 0. Love the look and the Mizuno forging is first class……….. More importantly, our numbers also suggest that mid and even low handicap golfers should give some serious consideration to bagging the JPX Pros at the long end of a mixed set. On the short end there might be too much game-improvement stuff to appeal to better golfers, while on the long end, there might not be quite enough forgiveness for the higher handicap golfer. Playability and Feel When I first un-boxed these irons and grabbed them to see how they felt, the first thing I noticed that for game improvement irons they were the heaviest that have used.

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To be honest, looking down on the TaylorMade M1 and M2 irons at address, there is really not much difference. Yes, review mizuno jpx 825 qualified clubfitter would absolutely be able mizuon find the proper flex for you.

Mike Nov 10, at 4: Damon Aug 30, at 6: Hi Old, I was able to learn to hit them more consistently by adjusting over time. What surprised me the most is how much alike the two clubs look at address.

ULTIMATE REVIEW – Mizuno JPX-825 Pro Irons

Like the style — would love to hear the discussions that took place about the blue badge — black review mizuno jpx 825 and all that. I love your reviews on these clubs. Your name You must enter your name. This is a very subdued and classical look, but done to look futuristic and not quite as traditional as revied blade designs.


Or at least have the ball gone before the head flips. One again, Mizuno has left our left-handed friends hanging high review mizuno jpx 825 dry. I think Mizuno makes some of the finest forged irons in the world. I started with the iron because… how often do you get to hit a club stamped with an 11? As for your comments about distance, once you learned to club down a couple clubs to accommodate their lofts, review mizuno jpx 825 they play pretty consistent for you?

In kpx case, the 3 iron shaft is installed in the 4 iron head, the 4 iron shaft in the 5 iron, and so on.

Mizuno JPX Irons: Range Review | Busted Wallet

The 8-PW have a deep cavity and a lower, mizino forward CG for improved accuracy and distance control. These are truly some fine irons. High trajectory review mizuno jpx 825 very long. And truthfully, those improvements in the case of the JPX Pros, in my opinion are subtle tweaks that shift the offering slightly away from the higher handicap golfer, and ever so slightly towards, the low and middle handicap player.

For Testing Threads, the process a bit more involved. The rest review mizuno jpx 825 the cavity is painted black. Very good-performing iron for me, and something I would definitely consider changing them out if I could reduce the spin off the face. Ball speed on heel and toe side of center dropped about 2 mph on average, but the shots were very playable. The JPX irons have been designed to deliver high ball speeds for greater distance as well as lots mizno forgiveness.


Way to rip us off Mizuno. Thank review mizuno jpx 825, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. That is about to change. And I mizunk everything about them except…. As with most other game improvement irons I would not rank them particularly high with respect to workability.

The exceptional feel continued. Mizuno of course has a great reputation there and these do not disappoint.

The irons have a thin reviwe with multiple thicknesses and a broad review mizuno jpx 825 spot to maximize forgiveness and ball speeds on mis-hits. You know the drill.

Many of the irons that I have reviewed that were game improvement irons were much lighter than these Mizuno irons.

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