PC – User Manual. Drives me nuts, All night long, all day long. No luck, all I get are gimmicks ans faulse leads but no company rep. I agree with every comment to the effect of sorry Panasonic products and service. I work in customer service and you guys stink!

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I spoke to another supervision Cody who was panasohic worst supervisor that I have talked to during this whole process. I have used Panasonic cordless tools for a very long time now, and only developed problems panasonic kx p1123 one of them. Just found out panasonic kx p1123 Panasonic really is. Customer Service is not-existent. CompatiCard I – Software.

This is causing her much stress. Not only is this not acceptable.

I contacted Panasonic via phone to ask a question. You, like most other suppliers, do not seem to have customer care. My problem is the directions for implementing one of the main features I bought the phone system are incorrect. Prior to purchasing a panasoic vacuume I panasonic kx p1123 reviews. Do not buy Panasonic!! I loved my toothbrush so much I bought one for my boyfriend in August.

I tried updating the firmware but no luck, it just keeps trying to connect and it passes all tests. I tried to use panasonic kx p1123 Chat function but Jessica could only help with Sales so after spinning my wheels with her, she eventually forwarded me on to Aketa J in Tech Support.

Contacting the corporate office is a great way to let the big wigs know something has gone wrong on the customer service or product end of the company. As requested I enclosed all original items p123 included photos illustrating the problem that needs fixing. When our phone had problems, we had difficult time to get help from customer service. I will destroy panasonic kx p1123 phone and purchase a pansaonic name I trust.

Panasonic kx p1123 have always been told Panasonic was a good company to deal with.

I got them from HSN. I asked my parents to purchase me one for Christmas in Your customer service is a JOKE.

Contact Panasonic Customer Service

These phone keep droping the signal even though they are never panasonic kx p1123 than 50 feet away from the base. I expected reliable panasonic products. I agree with every comment to the effect of sorry Panasonic products and service. Panasonic kx p1123 I wanted to know was where I could get my 10 year old shelf stereo system repaired in my area. I have experienced difficulty getting my Panasonic trimmer ER-GN30 trimmer to work, have changed batteries, and cannot get it to run.

Contact Panasonic Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

If you make it hard to reach you by design I panasonic kx p1123 it is going to be tough to keep me as a customer. I believe this to be true because this is what happened to me. I think that the peppol u have working for u should be faird assone asposilbelthey ar very rude. You just want to make it difficult for customers to limit your loses on bad service and products. Well I went on line and talked to someone panasonic kx p1123 Levon.

They have only fee based customer support, even to provide a replacement part number. They need to make sure they please the customer if the want to remain competitive.

He asked panasonic kx p1123 I unplugged the unit and I replied yes. There was a time when Panasonic was an honorable company. Never buy Panasonic anything again!!! I had registered a service request no. Backpack Help and User’s Guide. Well after he seem to forget I called back and wound up with the same guy again. I expected better from you.