Into the Wild With Carolina: We have the compound microscope you are looking for! Quality selection of science lab glassware designed to address accuracy and safety. General Rules for Chemical Storage This handy article covers the essential topics for storing your chemicals, including storage area preparation, chemical organization, chemical segregation, and more. Review the resolution and features to ensure that this Moticam matches your needs and budget.

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Health Science Prepare your students for medical and lab tech careers with Carolina’s wide range of equipment, kits and models.

Motiv reorder the fresh supplies you need and reuse the rest. We offer a full range of dissecting equipment to fit all your lab needs.

Digital Microscope Cameras

Make difficult concepts easy to learn! Find Care Sheets for our organisms and get prepared before your shipment arrives.

View all Living Organism Care. Preserved Organisms Carolina has the best specimens available, along with dissecting supplies, instruments, and much more. Use Quick Order or Search to mofic add items to your order!

High School eLearning Resources Stimulating digital resorces for the high school classroom. Most Popular Understanding the Periodic Table Looking for inexpensive ways to help students ca,era and appreciate how much information the periodic table provides?


Into the Wild With Carolina: We provide products designed for the new and old curriculum. Affordable price with superior performance. There’s a simple set up with consistent results.

Moticam (CMOS) – Panthera,Microscope and Microscopy Solutions by Motic

Get a crash course on Fast Plants, including many of the key science concepts that are covered by these amazing plants. Carolina Solution Sheets Learn how to make popular reagents, pH indicators, stains, and solutions; review some of their uses and find all the products you need to get started in your own classroom. Quality selection of science lab glassware designed to address accuracy and safety. For a quarter century, Carolina Biological Supply has been committed to bringing biotechnology into the classroom.

Developed by teacher request, the Carolina LabSheets offer all the details to perform a specific lab activity.

MoticĀ® Moticam 3+ Digital Camera |

Handy student LabSheets are provided for your convenience too! In these 2 activities, students discover for themselves several trends associated with the elements on the periodic table.

Carolina provides owl pellet products that are heat sterilized and easy to use for students of all ages.


Product Families Featuring This Item: CellCraft CellCraft is a realistic cellular simulation that challenges players to learn about and manipulate a cell and its various components in order to survive. Interactive, engaging and elementary age appropriate.

Caring for your living organisms is critical to your success in the classroom. Exciting activities that make science active and fun! Polyvinyl Alcohol Carolina Solution Sheets: Euglena Introduction to Protista: What’s Included Components Qty Canera Science Enthusiasts Fun and educational science merchandise for the science enthusiast in all of us!

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We serve educators in more than countries worldwide. Enhance the science experience with Carolina’s lab kits designed specifically for college-level distance education. Middle School eLearning Resources Stale lesson plans? Selection includes aquatic and classroom plants.