If it weren’t for their immense size and weight they’d probably still be widely in use. That is dictated by the horizontal resolution and the screen size. Your name or email address: Try another input source first to confirm, and if it’s indeed your SNES, there is a fix, but it’s difficult to fix. CRTs have no control over the thickness of their scanlines. In search of scanlines neo-geo.

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I used p Hz like you did but now I prefer using x with the interlacing. It looks like it can’t really keep the adjusted image width steady and corrects it every once in a while.

Been using tvout-tweaks shader on RetroArch to get diamind “artifacted”, softened look. Oops, forgot about this.

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro u – CRT monitor – 22″ Overview – CNET

Log in or sign up in seconds. Getting perfect linearity at the edges of a tube can be difficult, so many of the Diamondtron rebrands used model numbers that mktsubishi a 20″ designation Mitsu, HP, Compaq and others called them 22″ Viewsonic, Lacie but all of them used a variation of the same 22″ tube and just didn’t fill the image all the way to the edges.


CRTs have no control over the thickness of their scanlines. Since to get a good image between platforms on a CRT requires switching the resolution from time to time I really suggest looking into running Retroarch through a frontend. You think that one looks sharp. Maybe someone has some pointers. It makes it much easier to point Retroarch to an alternate.

Below you will find a brief summary of the environmental requirements met by this product. No, create an account now.

2060y a really cool piece of technology as well. Thanks, yes they were great monitors. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro u Specs – CNET

Kinda makes them easier on my eyes. Ahh yes don’t let the semantics get too confusing, while Retroarch is a frontend in itself, it 2060y still be paired with other “frontends” for other purposes.

Oct 16, Please fill in a complete birthday Mitsubihi a valid mitsubishi diamond pro u. Location Considerations Internal Preset Memory Capability When setting up and using the monitor, keep the following To minimize adjustment needs, the factory has preset in mind: But the picture is still very good, I’m definitely impressed.


Riamond Sep 03, Each part is identified by number and is described individually.

I cannot remember why I sold it, likely had to do with desk space I am thinking. With any of those frontends though you can have a nice looking way to launch retroarch through command line.

Oct 17, The CRT is drawing the picture in the exact same way, only mitskbishi half the refresh rate. Dang, Nice monitor, If I had room I’d buy it!

Although personally I use superwide resolutions like x and then let the interlace shader either simulate interlacing or scanlined accordingly. DejaWizNov 9, I had one of these many years ago. I remember your post: Want to add to the discussion?

Diamond Pro 2060u

This is one of the nicest pictures I’ve seen on a CRT. Table Of Contents 4. If anybody has a suggestion diamind knows a user that might be able to help me out, please feel free!