So all of you sinister mutants will just have to use something else. Nintendo Switch Pro Black Controller You can use either the D-pad or the analog mini-stick depending on the type of game you’re playing, and you can easily program the buttons and triggers using the included Logitech WingMan Profiler software. Here’s the analogue stick assembly. By trackball standards, it’s not too pricey. Logitech What it costs:

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Neither of these gadgets costs a fortune. It will, again, Just Work if you do that, but you won’t have any fancy configurability unless you’re running extra mouse pas software.

But it is, of course, very different from using a mouse. The curvy glow-slots on either side of the TrackMan’s ball have no function; the ball tracking mechanism doesn’t use these lights at all. You can wwingman trackballs with less respected brands for logitech wingman action pad the price of the TrackMan, but other name-brand products like the Microsoft Trackball Optical – which looks rather similar to the TrackMan Wheel – cost about the same. Logitech wingman action pad TrackMan Wheel’s support software is optional.

The ball support assembly contains a couple of tiny metal ball bearings that have to be there for the ball to rotate smoothly; they might, perhaps, gunge up over time.

Logitech TrackMan Wheel trackball and WingMan Action Gamepad

A trackball is, after all, essentially just a normal ball-type mouse lying on its back. This is the WingMan Profiler, which allows you to set up separate control map profiles for all of your games. Nintendo Switch Pro Black Controller So it’s more than acceptable as a logitech wingman action pad controller, if of course you can get your head around controlling your games with a ball rather than loggitech mouse.


By trackball standards, it’s logitech wingman action pad too pricey. And they used to be pretty straightforward too. It has the normal logitech wingman action pad of buttons that you get on every wheelie-mouse these days – left button, right button, scroll wheel that you can click for middle button functions.

There’s no way to connect it to an old-fashioned joystick port. It’s not the wrong size for anybody whose hands aren’t gigantic or minusculeit doesn’t assume you’ve got seven fingers, and you don’t have to use logitech wingman action pad hands.

The bottom of the TrackMan Wheel is translucent to aftion the red glow out, but you can’t really see inside. While you’re playing, the WingMan Action’s Mode button swaps the function of the analogue stick and the D-pad. This makes the TrackMan Wheel expensive, by mouse atcion, but not ridiculously so.

You can bind any button to pretty much any function, including a “shift” function that modifies the behaviour of other buttons. This is the bottom of the ball assembly, with the ball removed. This item doesn’t belong on this page. There are tons of PC game pads out there that cost less, but this one’s got a full suite of controls, good support software and acceptable build quality for the money.

Logitech WingMan Action () Gamepad | eBay

Both of these gadgets are Winbman devices, natively, and will be detected by the catch-all USB Human Interface Device driver if you just plug ’em in without installing any special software. Which is, after all, pretty much what it is. It also has a quite strong centering mechanism, for its size – which is another common feature logitech wingman action pad game pad joysticks. So all of you sinister mutants will just have to use something else.



Modern no-ball mouses have a tiny camera peering at the surface beneath the mouse, figuring out how that surface seems to be moving, and generating mouse movement signals logitech wingman action pad. Setting up Both of these gadgets are USB devices, natively, and will be detected by the catch-all USB Human Interface Device driver if you just plug ’em in without installing any special software.

Naturally, the TrackMan Wheel comes with Logitech’s standard MouseWare logitech wingman action pad on an accompanying CD, which lets you customise the button action and wheel behaviour and so on.

The more the merrier. You can make all of the game pad’s controls do different things, or do nothing at all. On the down side, the WingMan Action uses logitech wingman action pad dome switches for all logitech wingman action pad its digital controls, which means it feels a bit cheap.

Most of them were mouses, and they generally looked like mildly streamlined bricks with a couple of buttons stuck on ’em. So there is definitely reason to learn. The WingMan Action has some twiddly bits of its own.