Setting Up Your Computer Desk And Chair, Setting Up Your Computer And Computer Accessories Setting up your computer desk and chair Setting up your computer and computer accessories When you are setting up your computer desk and chair, make sure that the desk is the appropriate height and the chair helps you maintain good posture. Damage due to either extreme is not covered by your warranty. If the software or driver is not shown on the list, and you have a multiple-disc set of recovery discs, close Gateway Recovery Center and try another disc. Connecting to a Web site takes too long Many factors can affect Internet performance: Click the UPS tab. Cleaning the monitor Caution A flat-panel display is made of specially coated glass and can be scratched or damaged by abrasive or ammonia-based glass cleaners.

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For more stability, place your computer on its side. Performance And Security Drawback RAID 1 treats the entire array as a single drive with the storage capacity of the gateway fx530 physical drive in the array. Upgrading Your Computer Adding or replacing an expansion card To add or replace an expansion card: If you are replacing a drive, note any jumper gateway fx530 on the old drive and set gateway fx530 jumpers on the new drive to be the same.

Troubleshooting If your computer has a v.

To replace the rear fan: Click Recovery, then click Gteway. In the United States, the utility power gateway fx530 supplied at a nominal volts at 60 Hz.

The wizard also moves specific files or entire folders, gateway fx530 as My Documents, My Pictures, and Favorites.

Printing Files Across The Network, Adding A Printer To Your Network Printing files across the network Important Before you can print a gateway fx530 across the network, gateway fx530 must install the driver for the printer on the computer you are sending the file from. Advanced Hardware Setup Change the following settings: Important Safety Information, Setting Up Your System Always follow these instructions to help guard against personal injury and damage to your Gateway system.

Power connector Plug the power cord into this connector.


Removing the side panel Warning To avoid exposure gateway fx530 dangerous electrical voltages and moving parts, turn off your computer, then unplug the power cord and modem cable before opening the case.

To check the dialing properties: To adjust device volume levels: If you use your computer several hours every day, you probably gatsway to run Error-checking once a week. Type the phrase files and folders in the Search box, then click the arrow. To create a cover page template, you use the Fax Cover Page Editor. The location of the fan connection may vary, so trace gateway fx530 fan cable gateway fx530 the fan to the system board.

Gateway FX User Manual

The What would you like to do? Before gateway fx530 send your f530 fax, you need to set up your user information. Page 57 Click the UPS tab.

This manual also for: In most cases of hard-to-resolve software problems, you can return to one of these gateway fx530 points to get your system running again. For a fee, Gateway fx530 Care may be able to provide a set of recovery discs to restore your computer.


Replace the side panel thumbscrew. Type the gateway fx530 Windows Start menu in the Search box, then click the arrow.

The password feature is very secure, and you cannot bypass it. Click the arrow gateway fx530 to open the Save in list, then click the folder where you want to save the file.

Look on the front of gateway fx530 drive for one or more of the gateway fx530 logos: Click Start, then click Help and Gateeway.

For more information, see the Gateway support Web site at: Table Of Contents Building a music library Checking the voltage selection Caution If you set the voltage selection switch incorrectly, your system will be damaged.

f530 Type the phrase System Restore in the Search box, then click the arrow. Page To create discs gateway fx530 recovering pre-installed software and drivers: This monitor features an on-screen display OSD that gateway fx530 you adjust contrast, brightness, and other settings for the monitor. Note any jumper settings on the old drive gateway fx530 set the jumper on the new drive to be the same.

In no event will Gateway be liable for direct, indirect, special, exemplary, incidental, or consequential damages resulting gateway fx530 any defect or omission in this manual, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Safety, Gateway fx530, and Lega Index Index AC power connector f530 modem connecting accessories safety precautions Caps Lock indicator activity indicators cards See indicators adding expansion replacing expansion application buttons troubleshooting add-in application key card arrow keys troubleshooting memory audio card audio in jack case center speaker jack closing configuring jacks opening Gateway computer for years to come.

Click the location from which you are dialing, then click Edit. Page – Recovering your system from the hard dri Type the phrase changing desktop background in the Search box, then click the arrow.