When does server not accept logins? If you are using phonecopy for business purposes or you installed it to business mobile phone, you should buy Premium. This is very frustrating for me. On each phone in the settings there is contact settings and there you can set which contacts will be visible. We found more than contacts on your account. It is already supported, please check our list: In the app I did a combine both, only to find that the server contacts were deleted afterwards!

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But then I gave my Samsung in for a Software update and everthing was deleted. Please, either lower the number of your items or purchase a Premium subscription. I would like to get rid of those, i. Could you please tell me how I delete PhoneCopy on my iphone, so that it stops deleting me Hi phone copy shows 0 contacts when I have over in my phone.

Orange Boston (Commtiva Z71)

The PC suite and commtiva z71 usb enables you to copy files and folders, backup messages including chatscontacts, music, photos, videos and more. Forgot to say that after Upgrade, i only get error Message, and i se that there is 2 acounts With sms. Once all contacts are restored, sync your phone and they will be transferred back to the phone.


This device was released with Android v1. If you made contact backup you can trasfer it to another phone. Hi, it is not related to PhoneCopy only. Sometimes this can fix the issue, particularly in the case where z711 phone is not responsive when charging.


ANY help would be appreciated. Hi, what android version you have installed?

It is supported, please check our guide https: Is that the problem? Hello, the thing you describe is “slow sync”. If you miss this commiva the driver might not install correctly.

The one that isn’t working was last synchronise on Tuesday 12th at Note that this PC Suite is for Windows only. Commtiva Z71 Android 2. If you look to synchronize SMS from server to device you need to buy Premium version.

They have disappeared and even sms in my mail box have gone. Please guide me in this 7z1. Login by email entered during registration will be available in one of the upcoming versions of the app. Let it charge for several minutes to ensure that it has enough power.


Download Boston Commtiva Z71 Driver | Android PC Suite & USB Driver Resources

Please guide me, i dont want to tyoe it again gokul. Hi, you can select which contact database you want to synchronize and it looks you selected Gmail one.

XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Is it possible to subscribe to Premium monthly and not yearly? If the warning message appears at every launch of app, please contact us again.

Hi, to get contacts synchronized back to your phone please follow our guide https: The Boston Commtiva Z71 measures at Can you send us screen shot to be able analyze what is the problem? It still says I am over the allowed amount and that sync has been disabled.

On devices with a Home button, holding the power button and home button at the same time will take a screenshot.