In return, this is not a problem in office use. We would appreciate considerably tighter hinges with a firmer hold here. How the big ultrabook fares in our extensive Notebookcheck test course will be illustrated in this review. Finally, we can confirm that the S56CM has a good cooling system that keeps both the internal and external heat emissions within a low and thus very good limit. Regrettably, it is quite thin, fragile and installed with a lot of room in the casing. The keyboard pleases with a soft stroke, which allows low-noise typing and completely prevents the keyboard from clattering.

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Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Although this is standard in this price range, a warranty period of merely 1 year has also established itself among e56c few asus s56c camera. I already had to replace my first asus because of monitor connection screen was flickering when I moved itSo asus s56c camera this one screen connector is ok, but camera is somehow loose.

We cannot exclude a soft- or hardware problem, but the ascertained runtime does not give much hope xsus the other three tests with higher computational requirements. It is an Ultrabook, and a rather large one, too.

Read in the following review whether the S56CM lives up to its promise. It took a while but I found it was the cable as it passed from the asus s56c camera into the back screen if tweeked would connect again. I have to admit something right-off-the-bat: When I would start the application Camera it would tell me to Connect the camera?


Please, switch off ad blockers. Asus s56c camera No Sorry this didn’t help.

Now type Hardware Troubleshooter in the search option. This is unfortunately reflected in the battery’s performance.

Hey – I just had the same problem and really the solution with tilting laptop cover works! The advantage of a “genuine” SSD is seen here, which would influence PCMark 7 positively in contrast to the much cheaper asus s56c camera alternative.

ASUS S56C Ultrabook Laptop Review

MissKaramatic July 29, 8: The more graphics-heavy 3DMark 11 does a better job in revealing the GT M’s performance and records points. In return, this is not a problem in office use.

This will likely be noticed particularly in somewhat CPU-heavier games, such as Anno In my case, skype is working well but the camera app is not working. When cammera a look at the S56C from the side, we can really see just how thin its hood is. The fan runs permanently even in idle, asus s56c camera. Tried a few different widths cut as a ring and found one that was just a bit oversize and would jam in when folded down double asus s56c camera the asus s56c camera at the top applying a little pressure when the back was screwed back on.


We didn’t like he reflective, glare-type screen as much. Music sounds extremely thin and meek, although the volume exhibits an impressive maximum. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ASUS S56C and see how it compares asus s56c camera the other systems we’ve famera through the lab so far.

ASUS S56C Ultrabook Laptop Review

Another option exists for those who like the S56C, but are aeus to forgo a couple of niceties. The keyboard does not go beyond average quality and doesn’t look particularly high-end either. The large Smart Gesture asus s56c camera enables always fingertip-natural computing, and the asus s56c camera chiclet keyboard assures extra-solid typing for greater comfort.

The S56CM reaps in plus points especially with its DVD burner in contrast to most ultrabooks, where the optical drive is omitted.

Not a unibody full-aluminum casing. However, the interface distribution is a bit cramped. Please share our article, every link counts!

If the issue persists, I would suggest you to contact Asus Support for further assistance on this issue. Hope this information helps.