This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Are there any good drivers for a voodoo2 card on Windows XP? Full support to 3dfx Voodoo2 based cards in SLI connection. Most recommended Download latest version or best user feedback. They did however make my mouse slugish and block some keyboard inputs Any help much appreciated. Official Q3D driver doesn’t suffer from this problem The tearing occurs when portions of two or more frames which represent the scene at different simulated times or viewpoints are shown together in a single refresh of the display.

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Looking for 3dfx voodoo drivers To protect your Voodoo2 card from damage due to static electrical discharge, ground yourself by touching the power supply box inside your computer.

SectionRow E, Seat 23 Registered: Or you can use this. Users browsing this forum: Unfortunately the Q3D driver does not work on K7 either, just like the original V2 driver.

If installing the 9x drivers, like 3.

Please note that overclock is potentially dangerous for your card: I did install the Wickegl drivers for it which were a lot nicer than the ones I have for fps. All versions up to 9b included are safe and stable, I haven’t tested the early builds od 9c – voooo of them may be fine Ulteriori info nelle release notes.


I seriously doubt you’ll get it to work. Care should be taken to press it evenly and snugly into its slot. Some games may 3sfx too dark or too bright. KoolSmoky Home Rosario Gallery.

Voodoo2 and WinXP – Ars Technica OpenForum

Far Cry New Dawn: Both cards show in XP Pro, and install just as they would in 2k Pro. I know its a pants card but it’s what I got. Full support to 3dfx Voodoo2 based cards in SLI connection.

Other info in the release notes. When selected, Glide applications will not synchronize buffer swaps with the vertical retrace signal of the voodio. To 3dfx, gone but never forgotten.

| 3dfx Channel | Voodoo2 | Drivers | Windows XP

When selected, Glide will not auto-detect Voldoo boards it can help some games run properly. Voodoo2 can only do Edge AntiAliasing: Since Voodoo2 stores its rendered pixels immediately in external Ram while the antialiasing is done when the whole image is already rendered, the hardware has to read several pixels out of the external memory, to use some sort of filtering on them and store them again in external ram.


Each of the gamma sliders controls brightness levels for red, green, and blue as they appear in games running on 3dfx Voodoo2. With the power off, remove your computer cover.

Voodoo 2 Drivers for XP?

To our tireless beta testers. I don’t have a second Voodoo2 so can’t test unfortunately. The dithering can soften this effect. And note that I’m not really opposed to putting them in a Win98 machine – that’s where the single V2 has been for a while now. I’ve had good luck with the V2 in Win2k, but haven’t tried XP with it.

Voodoo2 and WinXP

This dialog offers advanced checkbox settings for Voodoo2 Glide. Aug 14, Posts: They did however make my mouse slugish and block 3dffx keyboard inputs Any help much appreciated.

Default refresh frequency for all supported screen resolutions is 60Hz.